Detective George Ossipo At Work

       In summer of 2010, George Ossipo retired from law enforcement as a highly decorated detective from The City of Mount Vernon Police Department’s Major Case Unit. George started his career in 1990 with Mount Vernon Police. He was designated as a field training officer within his first three years and then was re-assigned to a plainclothes detail with the Anti-Crime Unit. In 1998 George was re-assigned to the detective division where he remained for the rest of his career. Pursuing his passion for conducting criminal investigations; George accomplished his ultimate goal, which was to establish an exceptional reputation as a successful detective in an elite unit that held a high crime solvability rate with convictions. George has received numerous police awards in recognition of his exemplary police work, including the “Combat Cross of Duty”.

      While assigned to the Major Case Unit; George was primarily responsible for investigating homicide cases and other complex long term investigations. George has investigated cases consisting of serial murders, serial rape cases, and cold (murder) cases with a high success rate in closures. Furthermore; George has worked with several federal agencies in major federal investigations. In 1999, George was designated as a Federal Task Force Officer assigned to The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) where he worked intricate narcotics investigations. When the DEA became aware that George fluently spoke two Middle Eastern languages; he was referred to another federal agency where he worked in an undercover capacity targeting foreign nationals involved in criminal networks within The United States that extended throughout Europe and The Middle East. One particular target was linked to a known terrorist organization and that investigation was conducted in conjunction with The Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF). George has also collaboratively worked cases with The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and The United States Secret Service.

      After retiring, George continued to pursue his passion for investigations by forming Major Case Investigations LLC, which he named after his former unit. His knowledge and experience, gained from exposure to a vast variety of criminal investigations, can be applied to countless types of diverse investigations that will result in successful closures and provide sound solutions to serve his clients’ interests.














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